Jumat, 25 November 2016

Kehilangan rambut karena kekurangan hormon

Semua orang pasti pernah mengalami kehilangan rambut karena kekurangan hormon atau rontok, merupakan hal normal untuk kehilangan 100 helai rambut perharinya. tetapi jika berlebihan terkadang ada alasan medis yang menjadi penyebab kerontokan. Selamat datang di website kami, semoga memberikan informasi kepada anda. 

Kerontokan rambut akibat perubahan hormon
Pola kerontokan rambut pria dikenal dengan istilah medis 'alopesia androgenetik'. Kerontokan ini terjadi karena akar rambut yang terlalu peka terhadap salah satu jenis hormon testosteron yaitu dihidrotestosteron (DHT). Tingginya DHT membuat helai rambut menjadi lebih tipis dan lebih cepat rontok dari akarnya. kerontokan pada pria biasanya berpola seperti:

Garis rambut yang bergeser naik
penipisan rambut di bagian kepala. Sedangkan pola kerontokan rambut wanita biasanya hanya menipis pada bagian atas kepala. Kerontokan pada wanita umumnya terkait dengan perubahan hormon seperti pada masa menopause, masa kehamilan dan penggunaan kontrasepsi hormonal.

Kerontokan rambut karena alasan lain
Selain perubahan hormon, kerontokan rambut juga bisa terjadi akibat kondisi-kondisi tertentu. Diantaranya:

Pengaruh gizi, asupan gizi yang buruk juga berpengaruh karena dapat menyebabkan helai rambut yang tumbuh menjadi lebih tipis dan rapuh.

Rambut yang terlalu sering menjalani proses kimia disalon juga lebih rentan mengalami kerontokan. Sering mewarnai rambut dan meluruskannya secara permanen membuat batang rambut menjadi lebih retan patah.Alopesia areata. Jenis kerontokan ini menyebabkan pitak dan umumnya terjadi pada remaja dan kalangan dewasa muda. Tetapi sebagaian besar rambut penderitanya akan tumbuh setelah satu tahun. Beberapa hal yang diduga sebagai penyebab adalah faktor genetika dan gangguan sistem kekeblan tubuh.

Efek samping obat-obatan. Kerontokan rambut juga bisa disebabkan oleh obat-obatan yang biasa digunakan untuk menangani aritis, depresi, gangguan jantung, serta tekanan darah tinggi. Tekanan psikologis, misalnya stress. pada jenis ini, penderita akan mengalami penipisan rambut dikepala tapi tidak selalu mengalami kebotakan. Kerontokan ini cenderung berkurang tanpa penanganan medis khusus.
Pengaruh penyakit kulit atau penyakit autoimum. Kebotakan jenis ini bersifat permanen kharena rusaknya folikel rambut yang menjadi tempat tumbuhnya akar rambut. Beberapa jenis penyakit yang dapat menyebabkan adalah lichen planus dan lupus eritematosus diskoid (discoid lupus erthymatosus/DLE). Penyakit kemoterapi, kerontokan rambut ini akan berdampak menyeluruh, termasuk kulit kepala, wajah, dan tubuh. Tetapi sebagaian besar tidak bersifat pemanen dan rambut biasanya dapat tumbuh kembali setelah beberapa bulan berhenti menjalani kemoterapi.
Penanganan untuk kerontokan rambut
Rambut rontok umumnya merupakan bagian dari reaksi alami tubuh karena penuaan sehingga tidak membahayakan kesehatan anda. Oleh karena itu, gangguan ini jarang membutuhkan penanganan medis. Tetapi jika kerontokan mencampai tingkat yang paing menghawatirkan, langkah penanganan berikut dapat dilakukan.

Kebotakan pria dapat ditangani dengan dua jenis obat, yaitu finesteride dan minoxidil. Sedangkan kebotakan wanita ditangani denagn minoxidil. Tujuan penanganan ini biasanya untuk alasan estetika. Keefektifan penanganan ini hanya berlangsung selama penderita menggunakan obat. Selain obay-obatan, operasi transplantasi rambut juga bisa dilakukan.

kehilangan rambut karena kekurangan hormon biasanya rentan terjadi pada setiap manusia , itu tergantung pada pencegahan dan menggunakan pola hidup dengan sehat, semoga artikel ini menjadi referensi dan untuk menambah ilmu bagi setiap pembacanya semoga manjadi manfaat.

Kamis, 24 November 2016

Altering Your Diet To Help Depression

If you are battling depression, the chances are good that you have been prescribed medication by a doctor or you have turned to natural supplements to help you get your mood back on track. However, what you may not realize is that you can actually work on lessening your depression or even eliminating it simply by changing up your diet and lifestyle. For years, people having been using their diet to help them fight depression, mood swings and a number of other mental conditions. When you want to see what a change in diet can do for you, all you have to do is research your options and get on a path to overall health and well being.

There are a lot of people out there today who are taking a stand against preservatives and chemically processed food as a way to better their health. Changing up your diet to switch to natural options in whole foods and raw foods will help your body to get all of the crucial nutrients that it needs. Many people will even look for only organically grown foods that are not touched by any pesticides or chemicals during the growing process. You can easily find all of these food options in more either at your local grocery store, farm stand or whole foods market.

Some of the foods that you will want to look for to help you fight depression will include fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to that, look for whole grains such as oats, rye and wheat along with items high in protein such as nuts, beans and lentils. Certainly, fish containing highly beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids can help you to boost your brain power and get your mind working in your favor. When you have foods like this in your kitchen to work with, you are going to see quite an increase in your overall daily performance as well as your mood.

To put it simply, the brain regulates with the use of body chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Anytime there is an imbalance of these chemicals, the brain can become off balance and conditions such as depression and anxiety can set in. When you eat the right foods, you are actually able to help boost those helpful chemicals and get your body and mind working together as one well-oiled machine. Keeping in mind that depression can often influence your eating habits, it is important that you are diligent about making sure that you eat the right amount of good foods in order to maintain optimal brain health as well as overall bodily health.

While there is no superfood that can eliminate depression completely, there are a number of foods that you can integrate into your diet that will give you amazing results. For years, people have been adjusting their diet to help them get their brain power back, fighting depression and staying healthy. With just a few simple tweaks to your food consumption, you too can be on the road to better help and hopefully the end of depression as you know it.

Rabu, 23 November 2016

Blogging And The Different Plug-ins

The best way to enhance your professional business presence on the internet is through a blog. The majority of the public have accessed blogs, many having personal ones, and find it easier to discover information of all sorts through their different platforms. Thus, in order to tap this market one needs to infiltrate the blogging world - go to the public, don't wait for them to come to you. However, a basic blog does not always have the necessary features to enhance your appearance and ensure a more appealing presentation. This is when the option of plug-ins or add-ons is advantageous.

Plug-ins can be great fun to use, particularly the ones found on the blogging platform Wordpress. However, they can be rather confusing for first-time bloggers or 'newbies' as many of these add-ons have complicated names which don't always coincide with their function or do not fully explain the function. One example, which is explained below, is the Akismet plug-in.

There are two types of plug-ins: the essentials and the optionals. The optionals are those which enhance the website and allow one creative freedom. One of these is the Hit Counter, a plug-in which monitors or tracks the number of visitors that click on your website. This is always useful as it notes how popular your website is, which pages are visited most frequently and how one can improve promotion.

There are also the plug-ins which may be considered as essential or optional, dependent upon one's opinion. A popular one is the Google Analytics plug-in. Google Analytics is similar to the Hit Counter, however it further analyses the statistical activity deconstructing the number of visits into returning and new visitors. It also indicates the time spent on the different pages.

The essential plug-ins include those involved in the promotion and maintenance of a website or blog. Many of them are installed automatically and additional plug-ins or add-ons are merely updated versions of these plug-ins, however there are those which require initial installation. Below are the most important ones to ensure your blog is operating at highest efficiency.

One of the greatest problems any individual will face is that of spam. Spam is unwanted comments from companies trying to promote and sell products. The Akismet plug-in is a standard plug-in which blocks spam or suspected spam and places it in a 'spam' folder which must be emptied on a regular basis.

The All-In-One SEO Pack is vital for promotion and directing traffic towards one's site, particularly when selling a product. The more traffic one receives the more hits you get! Furthermore, this plug-in allows one to specify the keywords and description that will show up in the search engine, which means you have control over the promotion of your blog.

In conclusion, it is useful to have a blog for your business however it is more complicated than merely posting musings. In order to create a strong internet presence one must be aware, and take advantage, of the different plug-ins available.